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Facts. Archaeology is the search for facts—not truth. If you're interested in truth, we're quite sure the planetologists over at Cosmo Canyon would be more than happy to teach you philosophy. Twenty-six years ago, the seventh entry into the Final Fantasy series was released in Japan—and soon after the rest of the world. With it came a vast and gripping story that refuses to let go of countless imaginations around the globe. However, the story as presented in that singular title offers only glimpses of a vast, beautiful, and complex narrative structure—a structure buried not only by the sands of time and memory, but by rushed and incomplete translations. To make matters worse, primary sources that shed light on the intricacies of Final Fantasy VII's world and plot have, for a lamentably long time, gone untranslated and unnoticed by most of the fandom.

It is common advice in the field of archaeology to abandon notions of exploring lost cities, traveling to exotic destination, and digging up the bedrock of the world. Seasoned scientists will tell you there are no treasure maps to follow, and that X never marks the spot... but we would offer an addendum to those wise words. It is true, a great deal of archaeology takes place in libraries between the pages of countless books—but are those books not the proverbial lost cities of Atlantis, of the Cetra's sunken capital? And are not these incomplete translations our treasure maps to the source of knowledge they were meant to fully reveal? Half-remembered fan theories and folkloric Final Fantasy tales hide traces of their origins and the facts that await those who follow the Xes.

Succinctly put, we seek to uncover and bring to the rest of the fandom lore from Final Fantasy VII that has either been lost to time or gone untranslated. We seek to collect and collate this knowledge and make it available all in one place, so that future generations can experience and appreciate the full story of this wonderful game.

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